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Our founder Khaleelah Jones has over a decade of digital marketing expertise. After working for big startups including Living Social, Institute of Integrative Nutrition and WellTok, she went freelance, working with more than three dozen companies over five years. During this time, she launched a successful travel blog (fun fact: our unusual agency name was the name of the blog!) and also attained a PhD in emerging media and an MBA.

Khaleelah has seen it all, from all sides. She has been a busy head of marketing, managing multiple teams and stakeholders. She currently leads a small business and understands the pressures of looking for scalable marketing support at reasonable costs.  She also knows what it’s like to be a freelancer in a highly competitive industry, and has seen numerous “experts” and “gurus” who offer shallow strategies and don’t really understand the business drivers that are so necessary to consider when working with clients.

With these experiences in mind, Khaleelah offers strategic support for every client that works with CFD. She then hands over execution of these strategies to the CFD team, who she has handpicked and many of whom she’s worked with for years, overseeing all operations.

In so doing, overheads are low, results are high and clients are happy.

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