Exciting Changes at Careful Feet Digital!

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I got the idea for Dime walking along the canals in Amsterdam one spring morning a few years ago. I was puzzling over how to scale my business; I was tired of the high touch nature of client services businesses, a little burnt out after taking calls from a cramped hotel room when I was supposed to be on vacation. From the outset, I was super excited, although I had absolutely no idea how to build a tech company, not to mention a tech product.

Fast forward six months and I’d hired a development firm, product manager and leveraged the resources of my agency, Careful Feet Digital, to build out Dime. I’d set a launch date for six months later, going along with what the development team told me was reasonable. Fast forward a year and a half. We’ve worked with dozens of companies and connected over 100 accounts to our platform. We have customers that have been using the product for several months. And yet, my heart hasn’t been in it.

I’ve come to the realization that I’m not a tech CEO: I don’t want to scale a business 10x to satisfy investors, I don’t want to build a product, I don’t have the patience nor aptitude to really sit down and work day in and day out with a tech team to execute on my vision. These realizations at first felt like failure, but I realized that just because I didn’t 10x the business or become the next Facebook doesn’t mean Dime wasn’t worth doing. It helped me learn so much, both about business and myself, and it helped a lot of businesses, too!

Careful Feet Digital is still going strong, and it turns out, as annoyed as I get sometimes with a services business, that’s where my skill set and my heart lie, and where I’ll be focusing for the time being – with an exciting twist I’ll be announcing soon.

CFD will be taking over all of Dime’s socials, providing the same great content, from the same great people, but things will look a little different.

What’s the difference between Dime and Careful Feet Digital?

Dime was a low-cost product that automated social media posting.

Careful Feet Digital:

  • is a 15-person digital agency that offers SEO, paid advertising, social media, marketing strategy and content marketing services.
  • has team members with a combined 80 years of experience in all areas of digital marketing.
  • is so, so proud to have five star reviews on Google and Clutch.
  • has worked with dozens of companies big and small, including Peloton, Italist, Wordsmithie, DealNews, FocusIT, ASE Beauty, Plastic Extruders and Curate Beauty.
  • has won multiple awards including PPC and SEO agencies of the year in 2019 and 2020.
  • is founded by award-winning digital marketer and entrepreneur, me – Khaleelah Jones!

We’ll still be sharing all the digital marketing tips and tricks you need to know about- the branding will just look a little different.

Thank you to the Dime team and everyone who has supported us – it has been quite the ride.