Branding Case Study: Branding for My Lifeline

Executive Summary

Careful Feet Digital worked with My Lifeline, a cold brew CBD coffee company, to build upon its initial branding work, creating a high-quality visual brand that sets it apart from its competitors both on store shelves and online.


My Lifeline already had a logo that had been tested and received feedback, but no other brand elements were clearly defined and built out. Therefore, CFD was tasked with creating a strong visual brand identity based on the already-designed My Lifeline logo.

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

Because the main logo of My Lifeline had already received strong testing, we wanted to build a more cohesive visual language surrounding it to support the brand’s high-end wellness aims. By updating the typefaces, building out a robust color palette, and creating a wordmark that could be used in places where the main logo wasn’t appropriate, we created a foundation off of which all future visual decisions could be made.

It was important that we create guidelines for appropriate usage in order to build brand awareness regardless of where our branding was being used. So, we developed a brand book to pass along to the client, giving them all the information they’d need going forward.

We applied the updated branding to the existing product label, which created a seamless transition from the branded web experience to the tangible product. The result was a streamlined, luxe product that stood out amongst other products of its kind.

MyLifeline is available in health food stores across the UK and online. The updated branding sets it apart from other drinks available in shops and has contributed to its commercial success.