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Jumble and Flow

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The Brief

Jumble and Flow is a lifestyle content company for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause. It was founded with a mission to bring attention to a little-discussed topic and condition, and through its website and social media channels  the company aimed to share stories of women who are living proof that life doesn’t end when your period does.

Jumble and Flow turned to Careful Feet Digital to create and grow their Instagram presence. They also wanted to drive traffic from their Instagram account to their blog.


Jumble and Flow did not have an established social presence prior to working with CFD, nor did it have any branding work done. Careful Feet Digital therefore had to assist both in the creation of a social media strategy and brand development. 

How Careful Feet Digital helped

First we wanted to develop a look and feel for the feed that was fun and engaging and spoke to the target audience 40+ women. We had an existing color palette to work with, and chose to use those colors, which were very bold, sparingly, to let the feed breathe and not be weighed down with blocks of color. Using a more serious serif font paired with a typewriter style font was a fun juxtaposition that commanded respect while still being a little cheeky.

before and after IG feeds

When we looked at growing the following and engagement, we started by engaging with accounts that were in the same sector as Jumble and Flow, and from there targeted their following who would likely have an interest in the content that was being produced. We also conducted hashtag research to ensure that our content was spread to as many people in our intended audience as possible. 

Using this strategy, we were able to double the amount of followers that Jumble and Flow started with, and on average we saw triple the number of impressions on the account per month, with the first month of impressions being nearly quadrupled.

follower growth graph

We also saw a huge increase in traffic from Instagram to the Jumble and Flow website, which reinforced that our strategies for growing awareness and reach were effective and sound.

Traffic from IG graph