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Heart Lines is a small jewelry business based in Indiana. Its owner and designer, Sheryl-Lutz Brown, was inspired to start making her own pendants after a personal hardship. With a unique idea in mind, the business started locally, selling necklaces, bags, keychains, window decals and other ad-hoc and seasonal specials. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic swept in and made selling in-person either impossible or extremely risky, Heart Lines needed to establish an online presence


Heart Lines hardly had an online presence, as accounts were opened shortly before the lockdown happened. The owner had also been managing most areas of her business alone, so trying to handle sales, production, branding, design and digital marketing proved to be overwhelming. The whole process of creating a virtual community needed to be started from scratch.

How Careful Feet Digital helped

After examining the client’s goals, which were to grow brand awareness and generate sales using digital marketing, as well as their available materials, CFD began to generate branded content on the channels Heart Lines wanted to use (Facebook and Instagram). Utilizing existing brand assets as well as assisting with the creation of branded templates, CFD created product features that could be utilized for regular social media content creation: 

Additionally, special templates were created for new product updates, campaigns and special holidays, such as the promotion of the Heirloom Collection, Valentine’s Day and Christmas:

Complementary to the social media posts, CFD also created two to three blog posts a month that helped keyword ranking on the site, as well as helped redirect even more traffic from socials back to the site:

CFD utilized the LinkInBio feature from Later to enable social post linking back to the website, as well as the OwLy link shortening and tracking feature from Hootsuite to know just how much organic traffic was generated from Facebook posts. Additionally, Careful Feet Digital took over social media community management to interact with potential customers, partners and influencers, to create a growing, engaging network and improve the online presence of the business. 

Our initial goal was to get a steady engagement rate, redirect 500 social media users back to the website, and the modest goal (due to the fact the channel was just starting out) to grow the Instagram account by 20-30 followers a month, which (having started with 53 followers) would be a goal of around 200 followers on Instagram at the end of our collaboration of 4.5 months.

Paired with short, paid social media campaigns to boost posts for holiday discounts, we produced the following results:

With a well-researched hashtag strategy, catchy captions, innovative creatives, and a regular posting cadence, Heart Lines went from 0-5 content interactions to consistently seeing 15+ interactions on their Instagram posts, as well as a significant increase in engagement on Facebook, a channel that’s hard to grow without previous presence on other platforms:


As for website redirects from social…

In the end, we ended up with 1914 website users from socials, which is a 10k% growth compared to the previous equivalent period, quadrupling our initial goals (500 users). Additionally, we grew the Heart Lines Instagram account by 417 followers, which is an almost 800% increase, and almost triple of what the KPI goals were (around 150 followers gained total). 

Careful Feet Digital has shown that even very small businesses with a limited budget, resources and available assets can establish a significant online presence in a very short period of time when using the right tools, strategic approach, and a creative and innovative mindset. 

And in terms of client satisfaction, you can check out Sheryl’s 5-star review of the project here.