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Joyelle West

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The Brief

Joyelle West is a published interior photographer based in Boston, MA. Servicing clients across New England and beyond. Joyelle turned to Careful Feet Digital to manage her Instagram channel with the objective of growing her brand awareness and getting her portfolio to a wider audience. Joyelle also struggled with writing captions and felt her time would be better spent on other tasks.


When taking on Joyelle as a client, she had an established posting cadence of 3 images per week, an average reach of 669 unique accounts and around 11k weekly impressions. Joyelle brought CFD aboard to not only increase her following, but also to save some time in her busy shooting schedule — this would require the CFD team to write captions for Joyelle. It was of the utmost importance to Joyelle that the posts still sounded like they were being written in her voice.

How Careful Feet Digital helped

To address growing Joyelle’s following, Careful Feet Digital deduced that the first step was to overcome the adjustments that had been made to the Instagram algorithm. When digging in further, we prescribed more frequent posting — upping the cadence to 4x a week. We also felt including longer, micro-blog type captions would both keep the viewer on the post longer, as well as flag the algorithm to quality content. 

Additionally, we monitored the strength of hashtags when determining which to use when tagging posts. Hashtags continue to be a powerful tool when it comes to increasing the impressions that a post will receive, as well as growing a following. 

Not only did we begin to see each post receive higher engagement, but each post also began reaching a wider audience, all the while maintaining high-quality followers. These followers are based in the Boston/Greater New England Area and are typically the users that are engaging most with Joyelle’s content. 

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We also began scheduling monthly calls to talk through each of the images so that we could create captions that were compelling, authentic, and still felt personal even though Joyelle wasn’t writing them herself. 

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When taking to social media, consistency and authenticity are key to building a strong account. By using targeting hashtags, tagging other relevant Boston/New-England based businesses, and having a regular posting cadence, we had been able to steadily increase Joyelle’s following with high-quality accounts, as well as grow her average monthly engagement.