Careful Feet Digital (CFD) is a collective of freelance digital marketing specialists at the top of our respective games. We join together to take on project work that we usually wouldn’t have the capacity to handle individually, or where our skills could use complementary or supplementary skills: for example, our paid ads specialists love having professional designers to design their ad creative assets, and our tech SEO team loves having content writers take their research and bring it to life on websites.

How We Work

Our team is completely distributed and asynchronous. We have freelancers from multiple countries in our network; everyone works at a time that works well for them, and keeps in touch mainly through Slack, email and online calls. We manage our projects through Asana and do most of our work out of Google Drive.

What We Offer Freelancers Who Work With Us

We were founded by a freelancer who liked the flexibility of working alone, but dreaded the fact that working alone meant no colleagues, no feedback for growth opportunities and a constant stream of sales calls that interfered with actioning on client work. CFD was founded to solve these issues for freelancers.

We believe that freelancers deserve support and professional advancement opportunities. That’s why every team member receives a small retainer to take part in our company culture: you’re paid to attend company meetings, engage in company fun activities (such as digital Scrabble games), provide quarterly feedback to other team members during our reviews process and work collaboratively on our Slack channel, as we realize not every Slack conversation is about a specific client project.

We believe that freelancers can be part of a workforce that still caters to their life and workstyle. CFD therefore offers benefits such as performance bonuses, supplements the cost of ongoing upskilling or training courses and paid maternity benefits.

We believe that freelancers can do great work without having to focus on sales, contract and invoicing issues. CFD procures clients and manages the admin side of things so you can do great work on the project. Don’t worry, our services aren’t typically competitive: we take on clients that are often too large or require a mix of services that one freelancer alone can’t fulfil.
We are working to build a company that offers great benefits and company culture while being as flexible for your life and work style as possible.

What Working With CFD is Like

We have high expectations, and we’re unapologetic about that. We work with the best clients around- and we therefore have to bring the best team to the table to meet their needs.

  • We don’t pay day rates: we pay hourly, project-based rates that you agree with us after reviewing the project scope of work. All our freelancers are experienced enough to scope and manage their own time well. If the scope of work on the client side changes, don’t worry- your scope of work will change, too.
  • Our work is distributed and asynchronous: we do most of our work on Slack, and since we have freelancers in multiple time zones on the same project, that requires that you sometimes go back and review previous messages and catch up on emails in real time.
  • We really champion strategic thinking and self starters: we are not box tickers. We want to work with people who can bring strategic thinking and maximum effort to the table. CFD is not a place for you if you can only work from pre-existing templates and project plans; sometimes, you’ll need to lead the charge and we need freelancers who are comfortable with this approach and way of working.
  • We don’t micromanage: projects have account and project managers, but as a asynchronous team, to get tasks done well and on time, you need to be someone who can manage your time well and review your workload, asking questions and getting a start on work in plenty of time to have a great deliverable by the deadline (or, ideally, early!)

We require all our freelancers to sign strict NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) and agreements that commit them to a 30-day minimum notice period if they wish to step off of projects they are working on with us. 

Sounds like you’d make a good fit for CFD? Be a part of the team!

If we have open positions, they will be listed here.