Marketing and Sales Strategy: B2B Firm Case Study

Executive Summary

A B2B company approached Careful Feet Digital after losing its last big dollar client. It had gotten most new businesses through referrals and word of mouth marketing. However, with no more big clients to refer to new business, it found itself in trouble. It had no digital marketing strategy and, although it had in-house resources that could implement on marketing tasks, it was unsure of where to start with digital marketing. Careful Feet Digital worked with the client to build a complete digital marketing strategy and sales funnel to bring in new clients, automate the sales process and close new deals.


With no more big-dollar clients, this B2B company was unsure how to grow its business through marketing activities. It had a handful of junior staff members who were familiar with digital marketing channels, but no way to develop a cohesive strategy that the members could execute. Furthermore, adding responsibilities to already very busy associates was difficult, so any sales activities had to be automated as much as possible until leads were far enough down the funnel to require more touchpoints with staff.

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

Careful Feet Digital developed a holistic marketing strategy for the client, starting with a competitor audit of related search and business competitors. After doing so, CFD developed a comprehensive multi-channel digital marketing strategy, with the goal of increasing website traffic and leads for the client, using social media, PPC, email, SEO (including link building) and analytics. CFD led the execution of these strategies, offering insights and assistance to junior staff members.

Thanks to the implemented SEO strategy, the client immediately began ranking for more keywords in their industry, leading to more qualified inbound website traffic…

…as well as more website traffic in general.

As a result of the social media strategy, the client also saw a huge uptick in social media likes and engagement, which translated to more brand awareness.

The client was unsure of how to handle sales leads. So, in addition to the marketing strategy, CFD had also built an entire sales strategy, alongside an automated sales funnel and lead scoring system using Hubspot.

In the first two quarters that CFD worked with the client, the client exceeded both of their quarterly revenue targets, increased qualified inbound leads by 35% from the previous two quarters and had a 20% conversion rate from proposals to new deals.