Executive Summary

In June 2020, Careful Feet Digital started working in partnership with a Nutrition Counselor to provide an overall technical SEO health check and website UX refresh, and improve page rankings for a nutrition website that connects directly with consumers around the globe. We created and executed an SEO strategy, addressing the keyword rankings, user experience, branding and technical aspects. Our work increased organic traffic by 48%, provided a 32% increase in keyword rankings and saw a 23% increase in clickthroughs on SERPs.



The client site was not well optimized technically and did not provide an excellent user experience on site. This caused poor keyword rankings and very little traffic, which led to very few clickthroughs and conversions.


How Careful Feet Digital Helped

We were approached to provide a strategy on how to increase traffic and keyword rankings on a low performing and under-optimized website. We identified that there were many technical and UX aspects that had not been addressed on a foundational level and content was lacking overall, so there was not much to support growth for targeted keywords beyond existing rankings. Some technical optimization was executed by Careful Feet Digital, while the overall strategy is at the early stages of being implemented in-house by the client. However, we have already noted positive results in organic traffic, keyword rankings and clickthroughs on SERPs.


We saw a 48% increase in organic traffic…

SEO Organic Traffic Growth

…a 32% increase in keyword rankings overall…

SEO Keyword Ranking Trends

…and finally,  a 23% increase in clicks on SERPs.

SEO Clicks on SERPs