Social Media Case Study: B2C Retail + Ecommerce

Executive Summary

GardenStreets is a purveyor of plants and interior plant design based in Boston, MA. Founded in January 2019, GardenStreets looked to Careful Feet Digital to grow its Instagram channel from scratch in order to both start to grow brand awareness and to showcase GardenStreets’ plant interior design skills. Careful Feet Digital worked with GardenStreets until August 2019, when they hired in-house marketing staff.

“More than an agency, I see Careful Feet Digital as a strategic partner, providing feedback and going above and beyond, which is a value add above any agency I’ve worked with before.”


When Careful Feet Digital started working with GardenStreets, it was a one-man shop, so the founder was extremely busy. She had no time to identify which social channels would be best for her to use, not to mention no time to build out the channels themselves.

Enter Careful Feet Digital.

CFD helped GardenStreets identify which social media channels would assist in growing (no pun intended) brand awareness in Boston and beyond, as well as the social channel(s) which would best act as a portfolio/calling card for GardenStreets’ interior plant design projects.  

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

After doing a social media audit that identified Instagram as the channel that was perfectly positioned for GardenStreets’ strategic objectives, Careful Feet Digital created a digital brand book and mood board to lead the creation of GardenStreets’ Instagram channel. Images were on brand, and the feed well-curated.

Referring to this book for ongoing imagery sourcing (as well as leading the creation of custom images through brand consulting), Careful Feet Digital managed GardenStreets’ channel, growing it from 50 to over 3k followers in six months.

This screenshot from April 2019 demonstrates how Careful Feet Digital increased GardenStreets’ following almost 1550%.

However, these aren’t just any followers. At Careful Feet Digital, we go beyond vanity metrics to provide high-quality followers by building off of following with meaningful engagement.

This means, among other things, that followers are interested in the services the company offers. In the case of GardenStreets, which is physically located in Boston, we thus made an effort to engage with accounts in the Boston metro area, which yields a high following from this region.

Another big objective of the Instagram strategy was to increase brand awareness, which has been a consistent feature of our work on the GardenStreets Instagram account. In just three months, we reached 15k accounts via Instagram.