Social Media Case Study: Copywriting + Community Management for Hermesetas

Executive Summary

Based in Zurich, Hermesetas has been in the business of creating sweetener products for over 100 years. Hermesetas takes pride in offering an artificial sweetener that is delicious, versatile and an excellent low- or zero-calorie alternative to sugar.

Careful Feet Digital worked with Hermesetas through our partnership with Freiwasser Marketing, offering copywriting and community management on their English Facebook page. We also created a calendar of social media holidays to generate engaging content around certain applicable events and days. CFD also provided strategic feedback and recommendations around how to maximize brand awareness and engagement on the page with Hermesetas’ English-speaking audience.


Hermesetas’ main goal was to engage with English-speaking audiences who were health-conscious and interested in their products. The goal was to create captions that captivated and engaged the target audience, driving them to not only engage with the social posts — but to drive traffic to Hermesetas’ English blog, which acted as a recipe hub for Hermesetas’ recipes.

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

After analyzing the brand tone, voice, messaging and current audience, CFD created relevant, engaging copy to pair with recipes hosted on the blog that would attract Hermesetas’ target audience to engage with social posts and go to the blog posts. CFD designated a specific community manager to respond to comments in real-time with the brand’s voice and tone, and flag negative or inappropriate comments when necessary to the client.