Social Media Case Study: Sales Leads, Follower Growth, + Engagement for DealNews


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Executive Summary

DealNews is a site where users can go to find the best deals in a variety of categories such as home, garden, electronics and clothing. They boast 14.5 million visits per month and have been in the business for over 22 years. DealNews initially brought Careful Feet Digital on in June of 2019 to help drive site traffic, build a social media presence and drive sales to the site from social media.


DealNews wanted to send more traffic to their website using social media channels, as well as increase following and engagement on those social channels, particularly with millennial and Gen X women who were not familiar with the brand.

When Careful Feet Digital started working with DealNews, they had no social media strategy or visual strategy. Furthermore, much of their following consisted of bots and fake followers. The content that lived on their channels was generic-looking and low-quality. It didn’t perform well. Careful Feet Digital established KPIs, a social media strategy, and overhauled the visual aesthetic of their social media channels to engage followers that aligned with their target audience.

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

Goal 1: Traffic to the DealNews Website

CFD’s primary objective was to send traffic to the DealNews website through social media posts that grabbed potential customers’ attention and made them click through to the site.

Compared with the five months of 2019 preceding CFD’s work with the DealNews account, the last two quarters of 2019 saw significant growth in social media traffic to the DealNews site (up to 10k more users a month).

Furthermore, conversions from social media rose significantly; in the time period during which CFD worked with DealNews, conversions from social media rose 33%.

Goal 2: Social Media Growth + Engagement

After establishing our target audience, we created a look and feel that appealed to the desired audience and led the creation of custom images that were optimized for social channels. We also focused attention on the channels where shopping consideration and purchases already happen: Instagram.

Within 8 months, we over-doubled DealNews’ following on Instagram.

Not only did we double the following, but the new demographics are aligned with the objectives of our new strategy — as you can see, in March 2020, our following on Instagram was predominantly millennial women. 

To generate engagement, we published funny and relatable content such as memes and employee features, as well as high-quality editorial imagery that tends to perform well on social channels. Engagement on social channels grew beyond 1% of the overall following. 

An aligned visual and content strategy allowed users to recognize DealNews’ content on social channels and engage with it, either on the channel or by clicking through to the website.