Web Design Case Study: Wordsmithie Inc

Executive Summary

Wordsmithie, Inc. is a copywriting agency that crafts tailored messages to meet business and brand objectives. Wordsmithie needed to update their website to a new php version; given that their old website was built on a WordPress template, the site needed to be completely rebuilt after the update.


Wordsmithie needed to rebuild their website from scratch but wanted to maintain the same site capabilities and structure that they had on the defunct template, particularly the ability to post blog entries and edit the main homepage on the fly without much technical knowledge or capability.

How Careful Feet Digital Helped

We rebuilt the website using custom codes on WordPress to ensure that the site was still easy to edit if needed in the future. This includes the blog template, as it was no longer compatible with the current php version, therefore providing a cohesive experience between the main website and blog. Since there were over 200 entries on the old server, we manually moved over each one to ensure that the formatting stayed within the brand guidelines required, despite the new template CSS. This was a long, grueling task, but we think you’ll agree — the blog had never looked better.